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Arctic Armor

  • Slip resistant tread plate
  • Durable; will not crack, break or wear
  • Welded seams will not leak
  • Easy to clean; two large drains with trumpeted ends

Hidden, Accessible Refrigeration Lines

  • Eliminates exposed refrigeration lines
  • More space for cargo
  • Less potential line damage
  • Defrost line easily accessible
  • Easy maintenance
  • Visible diagnostics

Custom Shelving Packages

  • Great for operational efficiency
  • Better inventory access
  • Lightweight designs
  • Full packages or single components


  • 3" of soy-based closed cell foam
  • Green and non-toxic
  • Better R value, 7 per inch
  • Moisture barrier

Bonded, Floor to Ceiling

  • Prohibits leaks through hardware usage
  • Sealed at all penetration points to prevent rust
  • Bonding is water activated
  • Moisture resistant from floor to ceiling

Package Delivery Shelving Systems

  • 1, 2, or 3-shelf configurations
  • Fold-down versions available
  • Slide-out versions available (Connect & Nissan models)

Flexible Polar Panels

  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Durable, and easy to clean
  • Moisture resistant
  • Protects insulation

Stainless, Moisture Resistant Hardware

  • Screws will not rust
  • Fixtures will not streak
  • No rust on handles and hooks
  • Attachments will not wear through moisture

Custom Fabrication

  • Large equipment transport, including liftgate or ramp
  • E-Track cargo management system
  • Finished sidewalls
  • Stainless configurations

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