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Good loading and unloading efficiency can really stack up your profits. Because we're a One-Stop-Shop, we upfit your Arctic Vans, box trucks, and trailers using the industry's best in liftgate and ramp design and capability.

We are a full line Waltco Liftgate distributor. We install various liftgates on box trucks and vans to help get your goods into and out of the cargo space with more efficiency, less damage, and less injury to your workforce. We are also a full line Link Ramp distributor. We install our ramps on the rear of vans for easier walk-up loading and unloading of products.

  • Healthier Workforce (less injuries)
  • Increased Workload Capability
  • Better Load / Unload Efficiency
  • Decreased Damage of Cargo
  • Speedy Deliveries to Needy Customers


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